“Starting UNE PIECE in 2016, Carly Brown has been the pioneer of the sun-conscious space. In 2019 Carly then launched her second business devoted to her sun-conscious customers La Beach, a self-tanning brand and one you need in your life. Carly knows how to create a sell-out product when she launched her signature "Sexy Rachie" swimwear line UNE PIECE she had over 500 women join her waitlist. La Beach was picked up by David Jones in 10 short weeks PLUS in its first 24 hours sold every 46 mins.”
Marie Claire by Grace Back
“Brown made sure to maintain art as a brand pillar, with La Beach’s packaging, which features hand-illustrated artwork by Australian artist, Beth Moffat. La Beach has also been snapped up after one month in market by David Jones.”
Forbes by Karin Eldor
“If you’re no stranger to tanning, La Beach Express Foam is the answer to your honey-limbed prayers. The all new clean formula contains ingredients like aloe, witch hazel, and black walnut to hydrate and maintain skin integrity, whilst giving a beautiful, natural colour in only two hours. It doesn’t streak or smell, and you can pair it with the brands mist to maintain colour for longer. Plus, it’s housed in chic packaging – a nice departure from rainbow bottles if you prefer a monochrome palette in the bathroom.”
Grazia by Emily Algar
“This light-weight tanning foam has been my go-to recently. Not only is it a major timesaver, developing in only three hours, but it also offers a natural, streak-free tan that both looks beautiful and wears evenly. Bonus: the formula is 100% vegan and cruelty-free so you can remain guilt-free whilst getting ultra-bronzed. Needless to say, it has certainly become a staple in my self-tan wardrobe (yes, that is a thing!).”
Gritty Pretty by Erin Cook
“Here are our favourite face fake tanning products you can buy in Australia...”
Mamamia by Amy Clark
“It delivers from tips to toes': Fake tan lovers are going wild for a bronzing MIST that smooths over patchy spots - and one sells every 46 minutes. The label's Australian-made, cruelty-free and vegan tanning foam and 'water mist' has millennials rushing to get their hands on it first, particularly given the artistic design of the bottle is trendy enough to display on your bathroom vanity.”
Daily Mail by Matilda Rudd